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Table 2 Descriptive and inferential statistics for the time to complete the STS task and the utilised lumbar sagittal range of motion (ROM) before and after the manual therapy intervention. Standard deviations for pre- and post-intervention group averages are presented in parentheses. Values in parentheses beside the effect size estimates (d) represent the upper and lower limits for the 95% confidence interval of the effect size

From: Does manual therapy affect functional and biomechanical outcomes of a sit-to-stand task in a population with low back pain? A preliminary analysis

  PRE POST d p
COMPLETION TIME (seconds) 2.7 (0.6) 2.3 (0.5) 0.84 (0.57,1.18) < 0.001
LUMBAR SAGITTAL ROM (degrees) 24.5 (8.7) 27.2 (9.8) 0.48 (0.11,0.84) 0.007