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Table 2 Descriptive statistics for the demographics of patients presenting to the Victoria University Osteopathy Clinic in 2016–2017

From: Determinants of health, health behaviours and demographic profile of patients attending an Australian university student-led osteopathy clinic

 Male675 (41.9%)
 Female887 (54.9%)
 Missing52 (3.2%)
 Mean (±SD)33.7 (±13.1) years
 Median29 years
 Range18–85 years
 Acute840 (52.0%)
 Chronic711 (41.1%)
 Missing63 (3.9%)
SEIFA classification
 0-5th decile380 (23.5%)
 6th–7th decile314 (19.4%)
 8th–9th decile621 (38.5%)
 10th decile269 (16.7%)
 Missing30 (1.9%)
  1. SEIFA Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (1st decile = lowest socioeconomic area, 10th decile = highest socioeconomic area)