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Table 9 Bivariate and multivariate analyses testing the association between chiropractic conservatism and i) the use of prescriptive chiropractic techniques, and ii) positive attitudes to Functional Neurology in a survey of French chiropractic students (N = 354)

From: Attitudes to functional neurology and some other ‘prescriptive’ chiropractic techniques and their associations with chiropractic conservatism: a cross-sectional survey of chiropractic students

 Systematic chiropractic techniques (Yes/No)
OR (CI 95%)
Functional Neurology score (0–1/2–5)
OR (CI 95%)
Conservative score
1 (reference)1111
26.78(1.93;23.75)9.70 (2.41;39.05)2.60(0.84;8.154)2.60(0.76;8.89)
312.03(3.47;41.68)17.99(4.42;73.27)7.07(2.25; 22,227)7.13(2.09;24.26)