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Table 6 Number of studies describing structure treated in the cervical region (percent of total)

From: Dry needling for spine related disorders: a scoping review

Upper trapezius35 (29.91)
Trapezius (site unspecified)11 (9.40)
Levator scapulae10 (8.55)
Suboccipital muscles(5.13)
Cervical paravertebrals(4.27)
Cervical multifidi4 (3.42)
Semispinalis capitis4 (3.42)
Middle trapezius3 (2.56)
Supraspinatus5 (4.27)
Splenius capitis4 (3.42)
Infraspinatus5 (4.27)
Sternocleidomastoid (SCM)3 (2.56)
Posterior cervical (site unspecified)2 (1.71)
Masseter2 (1.71)
Temporalis2 (1.71)
Spinalis capitis1 (0.85)
Clavicular (SCM)1 (0.85)
Splenius cervicis1 (0.85)
Scalenes2 (1.71)
Rhomboid2 (1.71)
Teres minor1 (0.85)
Thoracic multifidi1 (0.85)
Posterior arch C11 (0.85)
Spinous process C21(0.85)
Acromioclavicular joint1(0.85)
Unspecified cervical spinous processes1(0.85)
Other miscellaneous non-muscular Structures1(0.85)
Unknown1 (0.85)
Total conditions treated117
  1. Some studies included treatment for multiple muscles