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Table 5 Summary of Recommendations

From: Are Councils on Chiropractic Education expectations of chiropractic graduates changing for the better: a comparison of similarities and differences of the graduate competencies of the Chiropractic Council on Education-Australasia from 2009 to 2017

  Recommendation Justification
1 Create a clear definition of chiropractor. This lays the foundation for competency development, scope of practice, and limits confusion on professional identity.
2 A review of the impact of the changed competency standards. To ensure they are achieving the desired outcomes.
3 Greater descriptive material for competencies, eg., peer review, self-aware of personal biases. To allow for reliable and valid assessment of achievement by CPs.
4 Review of competencies omitted from 2017 for inclusion in future revisions. Eg., re-evaluate & monitor at each consultation, appropriate discharge, use screening instruments for common mental health disorders. This information is not provided in the current standards and could enhance the quality of patient care and safety.
5 Targeted descriptive information surrounding areas of known difficulty within chiropractic. Eg., radiology and vitalism/subluxation. Bring the curriculum of CPs in line with other contemporary mainstream allied healthcare professions.