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Table 1 Summary of all kappa statistics for all dichotomous variables

From: Inter-examiner reliability of radiographic measurements from Open-mouth lateral bending cervical radiographs

ItemRaters 1 & 2Raters 3 & 4
 κ% Agreeκ% Agree
Image Satisfactory.27864.8.39368.6
Spinous Position.64184.3.53784.3
Asymmetry of Odontoid-Lateral Mass.42474.4.69891.3
Normal spinous movement -rightaN/C81.8aN/C97.9
Normal spinous movement-leftaN/C97.1aN/C97.9
Midline of dens to right lateral mass.39367.5.42472.5
Midline of dens to left lateral mass.30262.2.69785.7
step off right.56678.6.46575.6
step off left.77889.2.66584.4
  1. aN/C Not Calculated. The extremely high prevalence of normal spinous movement during lateral bending confounded the calculation of kappa statistics for this measurement