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Table 6 Top 20 themes (word frequency) contained in Tweets for all tweets and those scored as promoting or refuting misinformation

From: Misinformation about spinal manipulation and boosting immunity: an analysis of Twitter activity during the COVID-19 crisis

RankPromotingOccurrences RefutingOccurrences
1chiropractic81 boost78
2boost44 chiropractors50
3help40 chiropractic50
4immunity36 chiropractor36
5care35 adjustments31
6#chiropractic30 prevent27
7health26 covid27
8healthy23 immunity24
9adjustments23 cbc24
10body21 evidence24
11virus20 #coronavirus22
12#coronavirus19 pandemic22
13coronavirus18 claiming20
14vitamin16 #covid1919
15#immunesystem15 posts18
16systems14 claims16
17adjustment14 ontario15
18sleep13 spinal15
19#health12 people15
20naturopath12 help14