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Table 3 Characteristics of studies for Manual Therapy intervention for Congenital Muscular Torticollis

From: The effectiveness and safety of conservative interventions for positional plagiocephaly and congenital muscular torticollis: a synthesis of systematic reviews and guidance

AuthorsParticipants/n/age/gender/conditionTiming of interventionNumber and type of studies included in reviewMethod of data synthesis (narrative/meta-analysis)
Brand et al., 2005 [24]Children 0–23 months/KISS with PP, positional preference and infantile colicNR2 RCT’sMeta-analysis
Driehuis et al., 2019 [4]Infants and children/ paediatric conditions including CMT8 weeks for CMT26/12 RCT’s, 9 observational and 5 case reports
1 RCT related to CMT (Haugen et al., 2011)
Heidenreich et al., 2018 [25]Infants and children/ CMT/ <  12 months3 weeks with < 6-month FU where reported20/ 10 described/ 4 retrospective cohorts, 2 Cohorts, 4 RCT’sNarrative
Parnell Prevost et al., 2019 [13]Infants/0–12 weeks/paediatric conditions including CMTNR50/ 32 RCT’s and 18 Observational
1 RCT related to CMT (Haugen et al., 2011)
  1. FU follow-up; MT manual therapy; KISS kinetic imbalance suboccipital strain syndrome NR not reported; RCT randomised controlled trial