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Table 5 Summary of narrative analyses of treatments for Congenital Muscular Torticollis

From: The effectiveness and safety of conservative interventions for positional plagiocephaly and congenital muscular torticollis: a synthesis of systematic reviews and guidance

AuthorFollow-up time-pointIntervention Vs ControlC. Sp. PROMEffectLevel of evidenceAmstar
Stretching Exercises
 Heidenreich et al. 2018 [25]3 weeks where reportedPractitioner led stretching Vs Mixed (not reported)NarrativeFavourableModerate5
Manual therapy
 Brand et al. 2005 [24]8 weeksNo studies identified for CMT/Plagio/KISSNo data availableN/AN/A3
 Driehuis et al., 2019a [4]8 weeksSpinal mobilization + physical therapy Vs physical therapy onlyIn both groups torticollis positively changed (IV: 80% improvement, C: 81.3%).No significant difference between groups (p:0.85).Very low quality8
 Parnell Prevost et al. 2019a [13]8 weeksManual Therapy + physio Vs physio onlyNarrativeInconclusive
  1. aParnell Prevost et al. 2019 and Driehuis et al. 2019 included the same study [26] but rated the level of evidence differently