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Table 3 Relationship between visual analogue (VAS 2) scores and post-SMT levels of pro-inflammatory cytokine production in patients with acute and chronic LBP

From: Effects of spinal manipulative therapy on inflammatory mediators in patients with non-specific low back pain: a non-randomized controlled clinical trial

Cytokine Acute LBP Chronic LBP
rs Significance
rs Significance
TNFα 0.05 NS 0.13 NS
IL-1β 0.30 NS 0.17 NS
IL-6 0.06 NS 0.18 NS
IL-2 0.47 0.03 0.09 NS
IFNɣ 0.44 0.03 −0.26 NS
  1. Spearman correlation coefficients (rs) and their statistical significance (P values) were calculated to assess the relationship between VAS 2 pain scores and post-SMT inflammatory mediator production levels in patients with acute and chronic LBP
  2. NS not significant