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Fig. 3

From: What is the effect of spinal manipulation on the pressure pain threshold in young, asymptomatic subjects? A randomized placebo-controlled trial, with a cross-over design

Fig. 3

Changes in pressure pain thresholds (PPT) for regional and remote in pain perception after spinal manipulation (treatment A) and sham (treatment B) predicted from mixed linear regression, at baseline and at each follow-up. PPT 1 is collected immediately (T0 up to T + 4.5 min) after intervention, PPT 2 is collected twelve minutes (T + 12 up to T + 16.5 min) after intervention, PPT 3 is collected twenty-four minutes (T + 24 up to T + 28.5 min) after intervention, and PPT 4 is collected thirty-six minutes (T + 36 up to T + 40.5 min) after intervention. Treatment A: spinal manipulation / Treatment B: sham procedure

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