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Table 5 Summary of findings for studies of unacceptable quality

From: The global summit on the efficacy and effectiveness of spinal manipulative therapy for the prevention and treatment of non-musculoskeletal disorders: a systematic review of the literature

Origin of study sample Study population Interventions Time of follow-up Outcome variables Results from authors – SMT superior to control
Infantile Colic
 Miller, 2012 [89] Chiropractic teaching clinic at Anglo-European College of Chiropractic Infants with colic SMT vs. Parent-blinded control 10 days or at discharge 24 h crying diary, Global improvement scale Yes
 Wiberg, 1999 [85] Suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark Infants with colic SMT vs. Usual care 12 to 15 days 24 h crying diary, parents’ subjective evaluation of change Yes
 Bakris, 2007 [88] Unknown, USA Adults with hypertension SMT vs. Sham 8 weeks Blood pressure Yes
 Molins-Cubero, 2014 [79] Physiotherapy private practice; Madrid, Spain Women with primary dysmenorrhea SMT vs. Sham Post-intervention VAS Yes
 Kokjohn, 1992 [83] Local community, local chiropractors or gynecologists; Illinois, USA Women with primary dysmenorrhea SMT vs. Sham 1-h post-intervention VAS or MDQ Yes
 Chaibi, 2017 [82] University hospital, general practitioners and community in Oslo Counties, Norway Adults with migraine SMT vs. Control Immediately, 3 months Migraine days, headache index Yes
     6 and 12 months Migraine duration or intensity No
 Tuchin, 2000 [86] Radio and newspaper advertisements in Sydney region Adults with migraine SMT vs. Control 6 months Frequency, duration, disability, use of medication Yes
      Intensity, associated symptoms No
 Parker, 1978 [78] Unknown; Australia Adults with migraine SMT vs. Mobilization 2 months Duration, intensity, disability No
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
 Qu, 2012 [90] Outpatient department from Zhongda Hospital Adults with irritable bowel syndrome SMT vs. Drug Post-intervention VAS, Bowel symptom scale Yes
  1. Legend: SMT spinal manipulative therapy, MDQ Moos’ menstrual distress questionnaire, mths months, NS non-significant, VAS visual analog scale