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Table 2 Perceived facilitating factors for maintaining and engaging in a maintenance care plan

From: The nordic maintenance care program: patient experience of maintenance care—a qualitative study

Subcategories Categories Themes Dimension
It made my pain go away Free of pain—moving and performing better Care that improves quality of life! When maintenance care is of high value
Enables me to stay well over time    
My physical abilities have improved    
Stimulated healthier behaviors    
Allows me to enjoy life Makes me feel great!   
Helps me with my emotions, thoughts and boosts my self confidence    
Avoiding sick-leave I don´t want to be off work   
Being more productive at work    
Readily available care It fits into my life Care that is structured, accessible and appreciated!  
Time efficient and effective treatment    
Small invested effort and no hassle    
Societal or employer reimbursement    
Regular visits offered continuity & motivation A form of care: framework for regularity and support   
It created a feeling of reassurance    
Complements other health actions Important piece of the puzzle   
A sense of professional, caring and personal relationship The competent clinician providing for great doctor-patient rapport Care that is patient-centered!  
Provided me with information, guidance and education