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Table 3 Perceived barriers to maintaining and engaging in a maintenance care plan

From: The nordic maintenance care program: patient experience of maintenance care—a qualitative study

Subcategories Categories Themes Dimension
Time consuming care Considerable personal investment Does the benefit of maintenance care outweigh the cost? When maintenance care is of low value
Cost demanding    
Questionable benefit of care Is it worth it?   
A sense of low value    
Only one aspect of a wider need    
Perceived as unavailable Limited accessibility Is maintenance care accessible?  
Logistical challenges    
Inherent cultural and social beliefs Perceived as separate from mainstream care   
Not part of the system    
Lack of knowledge regarding MC    
Intimacy and personal space A feeling of inadequate patient-doctor relationship Is maintenance care being delivered in a way which is congruent with a patient-centered perspective?  
Communication, trust and report    
Sensation of retention    
Undesired reaction Unpleasant feelings and experiences associated with care   
Fear of treatment