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Table 4 Subcategories relating to facilitating factors for engaging in and maintaining a maintenance care plan, according to which ones were mentioned by participants in each group

From: The nordic maintenance care program: patient experience of maintenance care—a qualitative study

Subcategories: facilitating factors AC group ID group DYS group
It made my pain go away
Enables me to stay well over time
My physical abilities have improved
Stimulated healthier behaviors
Allows me to enjoy life
Helps me with my emotions, thoughts & boosts my self-confidence  × 
Avoiding sick-leave  × 
Being more productive at work  × 
Readily available care  × 
Time efficient & effective treatment
Small invested effort & no hassle  ×   × 
Societal or employer reimbursement  ×   × 
Regular visits offered continuity and motivation
It created a feeling of reassurance
Complements other health actions  ×   × 
A sense of professional, caring and personal relationship
Provided me with information, guidance & education
  1. , mentioned; × , not mentioned; AC, Adaptive Coper profile; ID, Interpersonally Distressed profile; DYS, Dysfunctional profile