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Table 5 Subcategories relating to barriers to engaging in and maintaining a maintenance care plan, according to which ones were mentioned by participants in each group

From: The nordic maintenance care program: patient experience of maintenance care—a qualitative study

Subcategories: barriers AC group ID group DYS group
Time consuming care  × 
Cost demanding
Questionable benefit of care
A sense of low value
Only one aspect of a wider need  × 
Perceived as unavailable
Logistical challenges
Inherent cultural and social beliefs  × 
Not part of the system  × 
Lack of knowledge regarding MC
Intimacy and personal space
Communication, trust and report
Sense of retention  ×   × 
Undesired treatment reaction  × 
Fear of treatment
  1. , mentioned; × , not mentioned; AC, Adaptive Coper profile; ID, Interpersonally Distressed profile; DYS, Dysfunctional profile