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Table 1 Interview guide questions

From: A process evaluation of the Mind Your Back trial examining psychologically informed physical treatments for chronic low back pain

Pre-trial expectations

Can you tell me a few reasons why you chose to take part in the trial?

How did you expect that the internet-delivered mood program would help you?

Did you think that a computer program could help you manage your mood better?

Usual care experience

Can you tell me what you thought of the chiropractic/physiotherapy you received?

Was the treatment enough on its own to manage your pain? Or was something missing?

What else would you like to have received from your practitioner?

Intervention experience

If you were in the MoodGYM group: How did you feel when you first heard that you would be using MoodGYM in addition to chiro/physio in the trial?

After you started using MoodGYM each week, how did you feel about it?

Can you tell me about how you managed to get through the modules?

As you went through each module, what emotions and thoughts came up for you?

What did you think about the modules presented in MoodGYM?

What benefits did you experience from using MoodGYM?

Intervention relevance

What relevance did MoodGYM provide for you?

Would you recommend MoodGYM to someone dealing with emotional distress like anxiety or depression as a result of chronic back pain?

Intervention improvements

What would you have changed about the MoodGYM to make it more relevant to your situation?

What would make your experience in the trial better?

Overall perceived effects

How did your life change as a result of participating in the trial?

Is there anything else you would like to tell me about your involvement in the trial before we wrap things up?