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Table 1 Reporting quality of included studies according to the Good Reporting of A Mixed Methods Study (GRAMMS) guideline

From: Quality of reporting in chiropractic mixed methods research: a methodological review protocol

GRAMMS item Reporting score and percentage of studies (n = X) reporting each GRAMMS item
Scorea Percentage
1. Describes the justification for using a mixed methods approach to the research question X X
2. Describes the mixed methods design (i.e., the purpose, priority, and sequence of methods) X X
3. Describes each method in terms of its sampling, data collection, and analysis X X
4. Describes the integration of the quantitative and qualitative components (i.e., where the integration has occurred, how it has occurred, and who among the research team has participated in it) X X
5. Describes any limitation of one method associated with the presence of the other method X X
6. Describes any insights gained from mixing or integrating methods X X
  1. GRAMMS Good Reporting of A Mixed Methods Study
  2. aCount scores will be summed as 1 = “yes”; 0.5 = “yes, but improvements are possible”; and  0  = “no”