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Box 1 Vignette consisting of three text segments used to facilitate the interviews

From: Digging deeper: exploring chiropractors online claims about non-musculoskeletal disorders

The following descriptions of the chiropractic scope of practice have been seen on Danish chiropractors’ web pages:
1. The relationship of the nervous system to the spinal column, is the reason why we can help patients with headache, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, reduce lung capacity, reduced immune capacity, stomach problems, etc. Conditions which can all be caused by interference of the communication between the brain and the organ
2. The children I treat, come to me because of problems crawling or walking, falling over a lot, problems sleeping, stomach pains or congestion, bed wetting, poor posture, foot imbalance, hyperactivity, restlessness, attention problems or ADHD-like problems
3. We also treat, muscle infiltrations, dizziness, whiplash injuries, skull and jaw problems, middle ear problems, shoulder and arm pain, tennis and golfers elbows, carpal tunnel syndrome, groin pain, hip pain, knee problems, foot problems, ankle problems, indigestion. All of the above and much more, we can help you with
What do you think, when you read these examples?