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Table 1 The ten ChiroCon items drawn from previous studies

From: Who are the chiropractic students favouring a limitless scope of practice? Exploring the relationship with personality, magical thinking, and academic achievement

In your opinion, can chiropractic spinal adjustments
Item 1 prevent disease in general?
Item 2 help the immune system?
Item 3 improve the health of infants?
Item 4 help the body function at 100% of its capacity?
Item 5 prevent degeneration of the spine?
For each statement, choose the box that best corresponds to your opinions
Item 6 subluxations are the cause of all disease
Item 7 subluxations cause short-circuits of the nervous system
Item 8 subluxations can have a negative effect on the capacity of the nervous system to provide energy to tissues and organs
Item 9 it is possible to detect subluxations before symptoms appear
Item 10 it is appropriate for every person to receive chiropractic adjustments for their entire life