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Most accessed articles in 2022 (research articles and reviews published in the last 5 years)

Efficiency of primary spine care as compared to conventional primary care: a retrospective observational study at an Academic Medical Center Serena Bezdjian, James M. Whedon, et al.  (2022)

Reliability and validity of manual palpation for the assessment of patients with low back pain: a systematic and critical review Paul S. Nolet, Hainan Yu, et al.  (2021) 

The global summit on the efficacy and effectiveness of spinal manipulative therapy for the prevention and treatment of non-musculoskeletal disorders: a systematic review of the literature Pierre Côté, Jan Hartvigsen, et al. (2021) 

Intervention usage for the management of low back pain in a chiropractic teaching clinic Ben Csiernik, Ali Smith, et al.  (2022) 

Advanced magnetic resonance imaging of chronic whiplash patients: a clinical practice-based feasibility study Lars Uhrenholt, Lau Brix, et al. (2022) 

Misinformation, chiropractic, and the COVID-19 pandemic Iben Axén, Cecilia Bergström, et al. (2020) 

Risk factors for low back pain in active military personnel: a systematic review Daphne To, Mana Rezai, et al. (2021)

The efficacy of muscle energy techniques in symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects: a systematic review. Ewan Thomas, Antonio Rosario Cavallaro, et al. (2019) 

The rate of use of Veterans Affairs chiropractic care: a 5-year analysis Ryan Burdick, Kelsey L. Corcoran, et al. (2022) 

Comparing the old to the new: A comparison of similarities and differences of the accreditation standards of the chiropractic council on education-international from 2010 to 2016 Stanley I. Innes, Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde & Bruce F. Walker (2018)

What are the effects of diagnostic imaging on clinical outcomes in patients with low back pain presenting for chiropractic care: a matched observational study Hazel J. Jenkins, Alice Kongsted, et al. (2021)

Immediate effects of cervicothoracic junction mobilization versus thoracic manipulation on the range of motion and pain in mechanical neck pain with cervicothoracic junction dysfunction: a pilot randomized controlled trial Shriya Joshi, Ganesh Balthillaya & Y. V. Raghava Neelapala (2020) 

Prevalence of MRI findings in the cervical spine in patients with persistent neck pain based on quantification of narrative MRI reports​​​​​​​ Rikke Krüger Jensen, Tue Secher Jensen, et al. (2019) 

Current evidence for spinal X-ray use in the chiropractic profession: a narrative review Hazel J. Jenkins, Aron S. Downie, et al. (2018) 

The chiropractic workforce: a global review Mette Jensen Stochkendahl, Mana Rezai, et al. (2019) 

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