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Most accessed articles in 2020 (research articles and reviews published in the last 5 years)

Prevalence of MRI findings in the cervical spine in patients with persistent neck pain based on quantification of narrative MRI reports. Rikke Krüger Jensen, Tue Secher Jensen, et al.  (2019)

The Nordic maintenance care program: maintenance care reduces the number of days with pain in acute episodes and increases the length of pain free periods for dysfunctional patients with recurrent and persistent low back pain - a secondary analysis of a pragmatic randomized controlled trial. Andreas Eklund, Jan Hagberg, et al.  (2020) 

Effectiveness of dry needling for improving pain and disability in adults with tension-type, cervicogenic, or migraine headaches: protocol for a systematic review. Mohammadreza Pourahmadi, Mohammad Ali Mohseni-Bandpei, et al. (2019) 

Taping for conditions of the musculoskeletal system: an evidence map review. Zachary A. Cupler, Muhammad Alrwaily, et al.  (2020) 

The clinical utility of routine spinal radiographs by chiropractors: a rapid review of the literature. Melissa Corso, Carol Cancelliere, et al.  (2020) 

Chiropractic maintenance care - what’s new? A systematic review of the literature. Iben Axén, Lise Hestbaek & Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde (2019) 

Appeal to fear in health care: appropriate or inappropriate? J. Keith Simpson (2017)

The efficacy of muscle energy techniques in symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects: a systematic review. Ewan Thomas, Antonio Rosario Cavallaro, et al. (2019) 

Misinformation, chiropractic, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Iben Axén, Cecilia Bergström, et al. (2020) 

Unravelling Functional Neurology: an overview of all published documents by FR Carrick, including a critical review of research articles on its effect or benefit. Marine Demortier & Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde (2020)

The safety of spinal manipulative therapy in children under 10 years: a rapid review. Melissa Corso, Carol Cancelliere, et al. (2020)

Effectiveness of manual therapy for cervical radiculopathy, a review. E. J. Thoomes (2016) 

The chiropractic profession: a scoping review of utilization rates, reasons for seeking care, patient profiles, and care provided. Peter J. H. Beliveau, Jessica J. Wong, et al. (2017) 

Spinal manipulative therapy and exercise for older adults with chronic low back pain: a randomized clinical trial. Craig Schulz, Roni Evans, et al. (2019) 

The use of internet analytics by a Canadian provincial chiropractic regulator to monitor, evaluate and remediate misleading claims regarding specific health conditions, pregnancy, and COVID-19. Greg Kawchuk, Jan Hartvigsen, et al. (2020) 

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