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Archived Comments for: Do chiropractic college faculty understand informed consent: a pilot study

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  1. A Wider Examination Spectrum is Needed

    Nicholas Donovan, Individual

    22 December 2006

    It may be a bit more relevant to poll various medical colleges as well as schools of Chiropractic to get a better understanding of the differences in understanding of the subject.

    Further contrasting those from a Chiropractic perspective would be to include the more 'mixed' schools such as Parker College and those in the liberal arts schools such as Bridgeport or D'Youville as their perspectives may be a bit different.



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  2. In Response to Dr. Nick Donovan

    Dana Lawrence, Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research

    11 January 2007

    Thank you for your comment. Our interest in this subject is more geared toward understanding the level of knowledge within the chiropractic academic and research communities, not in comparing that understanding to the medical profession, though that would certainly make for an interesting study. To this end, we have noted in our paper that we would like to broaden our survey to include all chiropractic institutions, no matter what philosophical stripe.

    Thanks for writing,

    Dana J. Lawrence, DC

    Palmer Center for Chiropractic Education

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