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Archived Comments for: Chiropractic and CAM Utilization: A Descriptive Review

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  1. Typographic error correction

    Dana Lawrence, Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research

    30 January 2007

    While I am extremely thrilled to see my article be made live as a final pdf just today, I must also note two typographic errors in my entry regarding the work of Hawk et al cited in reference 46. The correct wording is that 72% of DCs used acupressure, not acupuncture (only 17% reported using acupuncture); and 8% (not 68%) of respondents thought chiropractic should be viewed as a therapeutic modality. I apologize for these errors.

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  2. One additional correction

    Dana Lawrence, Palmer College of Chiropractic

    28 May 2007

    Please note that I had an additional error in my paper. Ramsey et al.’s study (the first listed) concerned older adults with osteoarthritis, not osteoporosis. The discussion of this study in the text is correct; in the table it is typed improperly.

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