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Table 3 Summary table for population papers.

From: Chiropractic and CAM Utilization: A Descriptive Review

Author Ref Design N/Np And Population Main results
Ernst 52 Telephone survey 1204;British adults 20% had used CAM in the past year, with herbalism, aromatherapy and homeopathy ranking highest. Main reasons for use were perceived effectiveness and positive inclination toward it.
Von Greunigen 53 Survey 66; Amish women 36% had used CAM; 16% had seen a chiropractor in the past 12 months.
Yamashita 54 Telephone survey 1000; Japanese adults Nutrition rated highest, at 43.1%; 7% of the population sought chiropractic care, in a country where the profession was unregulated. 80% of those seeking chiropractic care did so for musculoskeletal problems.
Barnes 55 Computer-assisted personal interviews 31044; American adults 62% used at least one form of CAM; 7% used a chiropractor, mostly for LBP.
Factor-Litvak 56 Computer-aided telephone interviews 300; women in New York City Chiropractors were the most frequently visited CAM practitioners, at 17%.
Smith 57 Review of database source collections   Information presented here may allow researchers to access data on CAM in the public domain.
Hawk 58 Survey 1511 15% of respondents had used chiropractic in the last 12 months, with 57% doing so for LBP. Chiropractic use was higher in rural settings.
Konrad 64 Cross-sectional survey 467/311 (67%) Career satisfaction of DCs was related to satisfaction with compensation, relations with patients, and good relations with other DCs.
Pirotta 31 Mail survey 800/488 (61%); Victorian GPs Only 8% claimed to have training in chiropractic, but 33% were interested in obtaining training.
Gensler 65 Population distribution analysis from public data   DCs were associated with white populations and higher incomes.
Mainous 70 Cross-sectional survey 736/360 (49%) (227 DC and 133 MD) MDs received information in 26.5% of referred cases, while DCs received information in 25% of referred cases; however, MDs felt more uncomfortable with this.