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Table 7 Other comments about research and the survey*

From: A survey of chiropractors practicing in Germany: practice characteristics, professional reading habits, and attitudes and perceptions toward research

Research in general
• Do not know much about the "ins" and "outs" of research -> this is a great start though, we need to know the facts to support the success we get...and then get that out there. Unfortunately misinformed/false/not true medical and pharmaceutical information obstructs us. We do not want to get on the level of the groups that say we cause strokes...are no good etc. -> but we should get statistics on what they do/cause/kill...
• I'm not a researcher but why does it seem that serious flaws are found after studies are made?
• Research experience limited to "Diplom Arbeit."> Research in Germany from Germans about German chiros is what we need.
• Research is the basis of our profession. However, it needs to be made more public both inside and outside the practicing profession. Remember the passion and charisma with which B.J. presented his work?!
• Research seems to be most effective if done by educational institutions and national associations provided they have the basis. Your survey is O.K.
• Research world wide has an impact on my way of seeing chiropractic and how to apply it. My feelings however is that it has not reached other colleagues the same way – especially talking about SOT, AK, techniques; they have been left to the medial field and physiotherapists to be picked up and being sold to patients as their own discovery. "Very few" – if any – attend seminars in England
• Very little experience with research
• We desperately need scientific studies translated into German to use them in communication with MD's, patients, lawyers, etc.
• Chiropractic as means to unite body, soul, and mind – to achieve equilibrium/Homeostasis – Happy People!
• German population needs to be educated on difference between Chiropractors (with a chiropractic education) and chiropraktikers, who learn technique only through weekend seminars.
• It is important that positive research is published in magazines and newspapers – there is too much negative publicity in Germany about Chiropractic
• Via sound and logical reasoning we should desire for the public to crave the answers to questions like "Why did I get sick?" rather than "What should I take – what shortage do I have." People should ask "How does health become lost" and "How can I learn to understand rather than not think at all more clearly?
• Clinical and scientific research is crucial for the future of chiropractic.
Survey Comments
• Average age of patient/social background/educational level would be interesting to know.
• Good survey – to obtain a summary of all survey's would be good
• Nice survey – Good luck with the stats!
• Question 38 was very difficult to answer
• Seems relevant, some scientists waste a lot of time and money. Observing Denmark research seems politically important.
• Survey is in my opinion too detailed. Subjects may tend to not take their time for answering correctly. Good professional layout and conduct.
• Too many questions
• Very thorough – good luck with it
  1. *Survey Question 43: Please provide any other comments about your experience with research and about your impressions of this survey.