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Table 1 Examples of activities of chiropractors within the American Public Health Association (APHA)

From: How can chiropractic become a respected mainstream profession? The example of podiatry

1. Chiropractic members of the APHA conducted a session on immunization in 1992, which was attended by several epidemiologists from the Centers for Disease Control.
2. A chiropractor served as Chair of the APHA Intersectional Council in 2000–2001.
3. A chiropractor served on the APHA Executive Board in 2000.
4. Several papers authored by chiropractors have been published in the Journal of the American Public Health Association.
5. A chiropractor organized and presided over a special session called "Faith, Terror, Hope, and Public Health: Exploring the Common Ground" shortly after 9/11.
6. In 2002 the Chiropractic Health Section won an APHA Intersectional Council grant to promote collaboration between sections. They teamed with the Vision Care, Podiatry, and Oral Health Sections to produce a mega-booth in the exhibit at the Annual Meeting, which was awarded 2nd place in 2002 and a tie for 1st place in 2003 for best exhibit.
7. In 2005, with the help of chiropractic members of the APHA, the American Chiropractic Association began including a public health column in its online publication.
8. A chiropractor introduced the Surgeon General of the United States in a special APHA session in 2002.
9. A chiropractor received a gold watch and award/recognition for recruiting more members than any single person in APHA's 125 year history.
10. A chiropractor serves on the APHA Forum on Aging.