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Table 3 Recommendations made by the Independent Chiropractic Consultant to the treating practitioner for inclusion in the claimants' chiropractic management program.

From: A descriptive report of management strategies used by chiropractors, as reviewed by a single independent chiropractic consultant in the Australian workers compensation system

Recommendations for inclusion in the Chiropractic management program
  n %
Active therapy program 139 95.2
General fitness program 113 77.4
Flexibility and range of motion exercises 79 54.1
Referral to a chronic pain specialist (a psychologist or psychiatrist with a cognitive or behavioural approach) 74 50.7
Work hardening program 33 22.6
Referral to a physiotherapist 21 14.4
Dietary consultation 11 7.5
Surgical intervention 6 4.1
Post-surgical rehabilitation 1 0.7
Neurological consultation 1 0.7
Other: Understanding of "reasonably necessary treatment", back support, ergonomic evaluation, workplace assessment, assault management, utilising outcome measures, job placement advice, re-evaluation of medications and referral to a podiatrist 82 56.2