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Table 2 Results from the open-ended question: "What is your definition of the concept of maintenance care?" Interview of 11 Danish chiropractors who use maintenance care

From: The Nordic Maintenance Care Program – An interview study on the use of maintenance care in a selected group of Danish chiropractors

Type of information Description of responses
1. History of low back pain Three chiropractors mentioned the patient's history, stating that maintenance care was suitable for patients who had recurrent symptoms over a long period.
2. Type of symptoms Seven of the chiropractors mentioned or implied that maintenance care patients do not necessarily have to have any symptoms, when coming to the clinic for a "check up".
3. Severity of symptoms Six of the chiropractors mentioned that maintenance care can be offered regardless the severity of symptoms.
4. Specific objective findings -
5. Frequency of visits Five of the respondents mentioned the frequency with which they would schedule visits for their maintenance care patients. The total range was between 1 and 6 months and three mentioned an interval of 3 months. They also mentioned that the timing of appointments would vary with the needs of the patient.
6. Duration of maintenance care program -
7. Aim of the maintenance care program Ten of the eleven chiropractors agreed that the main purpose of maintenance care is to check up on the patient. They all intended to help the patient improve spinal function, hereby avoiding a relapse of symptoms.