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Table 1 Criteria for defining primary care, according to Starfield [8].

From: Are chiropractors in the uk primary healthcare or primary contact practitioners?: a mixed methods study

Aspect of primary care Main elements of each aspect of care
1. First-contact care ▪ Easy access (geographically and opening hours)
▪ Accessibility and utilisation by defined patient population
2. Coordination of care ▪ Scheduling arranged to allow patients to see the same primary care provider each visit
▪ Continuity of medical records
▪ 'Problem recognition' - follow up on status of previously identified problems at subsequent visits
3. Comprehensiveness ▪ Range of care services provided
▪ Services provided made explicit to the patient population
▪ Practitioners recognise a broad spectrum of needs within their patients
4. Longitudinality ▪ Patients identify the practice facility as their regular/main source of care over a period of time