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Table 1 Matching of the subscales for the BQ, Oswestry and SF-36 questionnaires

From: Translation and validation of the German version of the Bournemouth questionnaire for low back pain

BQ subscale Oswestry subscale SF-36 subscale
Pain Pain (quest 1) Pain: Section 7 (quest 21)
Physical function Phys. Funct. (quests 2-7) Phys. Funct. Section 3 (quests 3-12)
Social activity Social Activity (quests 8-10) Social Funct. (quest 20)
Anxiety   Emotional well-being: Section 9 (quests 23-31)
Depression   Energy/Fatigue: Section 5 (quests 17-18)
Work-related fear avoidance   Work: Section 4 (quests 13-16)
Pain locus of control   General Health: Section 1 (quest 1)