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Table 10 Associations between self-reported attitudes and beliefs and seeking clinical practice guidelines more than per month

From: A survey of Australian chiropractors’ attitudes and beliefs about evidence-based practice and their use of research literature and clinical practice guidelines

  OR 95% CI
Application of EBP is necessary in the practice of chiropractic 1.16 0.66-2.07
Literature and research findings are useful in my day-to-day practice 1.83 0.99-3.33
The adoption of EBP places an unreasonable demand on chiropractors 1.38 0.89-2.13
I am interested in learning or improving the skills necessary to incorporate EBP into my practice. 1.73* 1.03-2.91
EBP improves the quality of patient care 1.07 0.67-1.71
EBP helps me make decisions about patient care 1.66* 1.01-2.74
  1. *Significant finding.