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Table 1 Acronyms used in manual therapy to summarize examination procedures

From: Mapping intended spinal site of care from the upright to prone position: an interexaminer reliability study

PARTS acronym (chiropractic)[2],[3]

TART acronym (osteopathy)[4],[5]

P ain: location, quality, intensity of pain or tenderness

T issue texture changes: temperature, tense, flabby, edematous, fibrotic, indurated, hypertonic, hypertrophied

A symmetry: of sectional or regional spinal components identified by static palpation of structures

A symmetry in joint motion; e.g., compared with contralateral tissues

R ange of motion: Decrease or loss of specific active or passive movements identified by motion palpation

R estriction of joint motion: degree and quality of pliability, mobility, stability; quality of end-feel

T one, T exture, T emperature: changes in specific soft tissues identified through palpation

T enderness (or sensitivity) of soft tissues: unnaturally sensitive, tender, painful, numb with pressure or on active/passive movement

S pecial tests: linked to proprietary technique systems, not in general use