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Table 2 Cervicogenic headache diagnostic criteria (ICHD 2nd Edition)

From: Dose–response of spinal manipulation for cervicogenic headache: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

A. Pain, referred from a source in the neck and perceived in one or more regions of the head and/or face, fulfilling criteria C and D.
B. Clinical, laboratory and/or imaging evidence of a disorder or lesion within the cervical spine or soft tissues of the neck known to be, or generally accepted as, a valid cause of headache.
C. Evidence that the pain can be attributed to the neck disorder or lesion based on at least one of the following:
 1. Demonstration of clinical signs that implicate a source of pain in the neck.
 2. Abolition of headache following diagnostic blockade of a cervical structure or its nerve supply using placebo- or other adequate control.
D. Pain resolves within 3 months after successful treatment of the causative disorder or lesion.
  1. Key: ICHD international classification of headache disorders