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Table 1 Aberrant practices that cause significant reputational damage to the profession

From: The new chiropractic

Adherence to a flawed chiropractic ideology centring on innate intelligence and vitalism Claims of cures for visceral and other non-musculo-skeletal conditions
Anti-vaccination propaganda Anti-drug and anti-medicine propaganda
Anti-physiotherapy sentiments Misleading and deceptive advertising
Open plan clinics where multiple people are treated in the same room fully dressed Unscrupulous contracts of care
Over-servicing Obligatory full spine x-rays
Use of the term “subluxation” as a valid diagnosis Unnecessary treatment of babies
Biologically implausible diagnostic tests and therapies Unfounded claims of decreased immunity from “subluxation” and increased immunity from chiropractic treatment
Life time chiropractic care in the name of “wellness” An unhealthy disregard of clinical research, evidence based practice, and non-specific treatment effects including natural history and the placebo effect.