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Table 1 Detailed descriptions of the individual online educational modules and booster lessons

From: The effectiveness and feasibility of an online educational program for improving evidence-based practice literacy: an exploratory randomized study of US chiropractors

Educational modules Booster lessons
COURSE 1: OVERVIEW OF EVIDENCE-INFORMED PRACTICE (4 modules) • Evidence-Informed Practice (EIP) (20 mins) • Introduction to Research (25 mins) • Clinical Experience (20 mins) • Patient Presentation (15 mins) BOOSTER LESSON 1: ASK CLINICAL QUESTIONS (30 mins)  • Clinical scenario presented  • Developing clinical questions  • Creating a PICO**  • Choosing keywords for PubMed search
COURSE 2: TYPES OF RESEARCH (7 modules) • Research Overview (30 mins) • Basic Science Research (20 mins) • Randomized Clinical Trials (35 mins) • Introduction to Observational Research (15 mins) • Types of Observational Research (30 mins) • Quantitative and Qualitative Research (40 mins) • Summary Research (40 mins) BOOSTER LESSON 2: ACQUIRE EVIDENCE (30 mins)  • Clinical scenario presented  • Develop a PICO** and keyword search terms  • PubMed search strategies  • Video of EIP expert performing a PubMed search
COURSE 3: USING EVIDENCE IN PRACTICE (7 modules) • Research in Clinical Practice (35 mins) • Asking Clinical Questions (30 mins) • Assessing Articles about Treatment (40 mins) • Assessing Summary Research (35 mins) • Measuring Clinical Outcomes (30 mins) • Outcome Measurement Tools (20 mins) • Experts (20 mins) BOOSTER LESSON 3: APPRAISE THE EVIDENCE (30 mins)  • Results of PubMed search are presented  • Open access article is found and reviewed  • Worksheet is used as a guide to appraise article  • Emphasis on determining relevance and validity
BOOSTER LESSON 4: APPLY THE EVIDENCE IN PRACTICE (30 mins)  • Emphasis on finding systematic reviews and meta-analyses  • Review of an open-access meta-analysis  • Discussion about quality and strength of evidence ratings  • Use of pre-appraised evidence sources  • Applying evidence in clinical practice
  1. The bullets in the left hand column describe the content of each individual module within the 3-course series that comprise the Foundations of Evidence-Informed Practice (FEIP) program. The right column contains descriptions of the 4 monthly online booster lessons that were developed to enhance the FEIP program
  2. Abbreviations: **PICO Population, Intervention(s), Comparison(s) and Outcome(s)