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Table 1 Definitions of educational standards used by the major regulatory bodies

From: Similarities and differences of a selection of key accreditation standards between chiropractic councils on education: a systematic review

Name of CCE Definition of “educational standard”
CCE-Aust Offers a rule or basis of comparison established in measuring or judging capacity, quantity, quality, content and value; criterion used as a model or pattern. Pg 20, 2009, Educational Standards for First Professional Awards Program in Chiropractic. CCE-Australasia [20]
CCE-Canada No definition found [22],
ECC-Europe Set of pre-determined criteria by which judgements and/or decisions are made to certify that an institution is providing an education and training to ensure that all its graduates achieve the core competencies. Pg 62, ECCE Standards, 2013.[21]
CCE-Int No definition found [23]
CCE -USA No definition found [19]
WFME No definition found [15]