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Table 2 Comparison of Educational standards Domains of CCEs

From: Similarities and differences of a selection of key accreditation standards between chiropractic councils on education: a systematic review

Major Elements/Domains of Educational standards WFME CCE-Aust CCE- Can ECC-Europe CCE-Int CCE-USA
Mission/Planning/Assessment/Vision/Goals/Objectives X X X X X X
Resources/Educational resources X X X X X X
Educational program/Curriculum X X X X X X
Faculty X X X X X X
Scholarship/Research and relationship to teaching   X X X X X
Student admissions X X X X   X
Student services X X X X   X
Governance/Administration/Structure/Organisational factors X X X X X X
Ethics & integrity       X
Continuous renewal & improvement X X X X X X
Distance/correspondence education       X
Service       X