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Table 6 Summary table of recommendations

From: Similarities and differences of a selection of key accreditation standards between chiropractic councils on education: a systematic review

  Recommendations in relation to educational standards Justifications
Recommendations for definitions of “Educational Standard”
1. All CCE documents should contain a definition of the term “educational standard” and it should provide enough profession-specific detail to be professionally useful for chiropractic programs. Chiropractic educators would better understand the concept of an educational standard if it was detailed and can thus more easily meet the required standards
Recommendations for the domains of Educational Standards
3. Add the domain “distance education” to educational standards Quality of content and assessment of on-line material should be standardised to ensure uniform and high quality standards.
Recommendations for the subdomains of Educational Standards
4. Perform a literature review for empirically based methods to successfully formulate and implement a mission statement Make it easier to prescribe and provide an effective mission statement
5. Include comprehensive and specific terminology for identifying and explaining the purpose of the mission statement Educators should have a clearly defined goal in order assist them build a quality program
6. All appropriate stakeholders should be considered and listened to in the developing of mission statements Aligns chiropractors with societal needs and expectations
7. Chiropractic programs mission statements should include a social responsibility. Also aligns chiropractors with societal needs
8. The clinical aspect of chiropractic programs should take place partly in hospitals To provide an appropriate patient case mix exposure for chiropractic students
9. There should be a minimum set of financial standards in accord with best international business practice To ensure the long term survival of the course and protection of students and staff.
10. Chiropractic program staff must include people with PhD degrees. To improve the educational standing of chiropractic education.
11. CCEs should encourage research to inform educators of the optimal number of patient numbers, hours or competencies required for student training To increase the likelihood that graduates achieve the highest levels of competence
12. There should be a requirement for multimodal learning in curricula To improve students’ learning outcomes
13. CCEs should encourage research into which types of learning work best for specific subjects for chiropractic students To maximize the teaching/learning situation as much as possible
14. CCEs should help identify the “core” material required for chiropractic graduates To economize time at its maximum and keep updated on scientific changes and developments in clinical practice