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Table 5 Facilitators to Indigenous patients seeking chiropractic care

From: Chiropractors` experience and readiness to work in Indigenous Australian Communities: a preliminary cross-sectional survey to explore preparedness, perceived barriers and facilitators for chiropractors practising cross-culturally

Geographical Issues
Education of Community
Professional Issues
Cultural Competency
Examples of Comments
1 Needs to be a reduction in cost of treatment to patients by increasing Extended Primary Care (EPC)/Medicare rebate Provision of remote health services Advertise benefits of chiropractic care Train chiropractors in cultural competency and Indigenous health
2 Educating other health providers Travelling chiropractors Word of mouth for patients Increase number of Indigenous chiropractors
3 Government to provide better subsidies for Indigenous patients Community outreach programs Educate community about synergy between chiropractic and Indigenous core beliefs  
  1. (n = 112)
  2. (Note: Bold text refers to themes and text below refers to codes that were used to construct themes)