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Table 3 Path forward

From: Historical influence on the practice of chiropractic radiology: part II - thematic analysis on the opinions of diplomates of the American Chiropractic College of Radiology about the future

Path forward Mainstream Chiropractic/separate Unknown
Quantity 28 11 15
Examples - It behooves chiropractic radiologists to affiliate with these imaging centers to overread the medical reports.
- Chiropractic radiologists didn’t evolve for subluxation analysis, but as diagnostic specialists.
- Many of my colleagues want to be radiologists not chiropractic radiologists.
- Spinal images, if available, should be routinely evaluated for biomechanical findings as these may affect patient prognosis which is a part of the management.
- In what country? The answer differs depending on the jurisdiction.
- There will only be handful of chiropractic radiologists working in a full time practice solely dedicated to radiological consultation.