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Table 4 Principal Component Analysis of the residuals for the 12-item Osteopathy Clinical Teaching Questionnaire

From: Exploring the measurement properties of the osteopathy clinical teaching questionnaire using Rasch analysis

Item Loading on ‘Rasch factor’
2. Maintained a positive attitude towards me 0.515
5. Demonstrated humanistic attitudes in relating to patients (integrity, compassion and respect) 0.396
7. Showed genuine concern for my professional well-being 0.172
9. Has good communication skills 0.538
10. Is open to student questions and alternative approaches to patient management 0.504
12. Adjusted teaching to my needs (experience, competence, interest) 0.351
15. Promoted reflection on clinical practice −0.538
16. Emphasises a problem-solving approach rather than solutions −0.508
18. Asked questions to enhance my learning −0.464
20. Stimulates me to learn independently −0.333
23. Offered me suggestions for improvement when required −0.242
30. Demonstrated osteopathic, clinical examination and rehabilitation knowledge and skill(s) −0.066
  1. Items in bold were used in the t-test