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Table 4 Summary table of recommendations

From: Comparing the old to the new: A comparison of similarities and differences of the accreditation standards of the chiropractic council on education-international from 2010 to 2016

In relation to Standards
1 All participants in the accreditation process and their qualifications for the task are clearly stated. A broad range of participants including health consumers and non-chiropractic educators should be included. To ensure the construction of accreditation standards are transparent and draw on as wide a range of expertise as possible.
2 A review of the evidence-base of the CCE-International accreditation/educational standards This would allow stronger alignment with contemporary medical standards and increase acceptance of chiropractic into the mainstream health care system.
3 A trial methodology of the new standards. The CCE-International could address potentially problematic areas such as poor comprehension, compliance or uptake.
4 Adoption of industry standards of ‘qualifications’ for faculty and site investigation team members (as well as appropriate training). Enhanced CP teaching and research with improved faculty qualifications. Increased quality of site visitation members offers more expertise for quality improvement, and evaluations that are more efficient and effective.
5 Transparency of accreditation processes e.g., publication of (re) accreditation reports and recommendations. CPs are mindful of public image and marketability and this would reinforce compliance with standards.
Increases consumer empowerment.
6 Regular reviews and integration of emerging research to continually update accreditation standards. Especially with respect to quantifying required CP outcome measures. More efficient and accurate assessments of CPs.
7 The adoption of an evidence-based approach to all aspects of the teaching and practice of musculoskeletal healthcare. This is the expectation of society, patients and health care education in general.
8 Create an award system as part of chiropractic accreditation for excellence in education. To incentivize chiropractic programs to create high quality education and desirable models for other CPs to emulate.