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Table 3 Manual therapy protocol

From: Manual therapy for chronic migraine: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial study protocol

1. Assess upper bodya posture in sitting
2. Assess active and passive neck range of motion
3. Assess shoulder girdle range of motion by raising each arm sideways from side of body up to ear
4. Assess the temporomandibular joint
5. Identify areas to treat in sitting position
6. Administer MT using mobilisation, manipulation and soft tissue release in sitting position
7. Assess patient shoulder girdle, neck and head supine and prone
8. Administer MT in supine and prone position
9. Following each session an outline of the MT used will be recorded.
10. A total of 30 min will be allocated for each participant at these consultations
  1. aUpper body defined as from thoraco-lumbar junction upwards