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Table 2 Domains and competencies for rehabilitation of disability in chiropractic

From: The development of a global chiropractic rehabilitation competency framework by the World Federation of Chiropractic

Domains Competencies
Domain 1. Basic concepts of rehabilitation and disability Competency 1.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the contemporary frameworks of rehabilitation and disability
Competency 1.2 Effectively communicate with patients and all/key stakeholders involved in the rehabilitation process
Domain 2. Legal, regulatory and ethical components Competency 2.1 Apply in clinical practice the laws, regulations and policies that impact delivery of rehabilitation services
Competency 2.2 Apply in clinical practice the ethical delivery of services
Competency 2.3 Deliver rehabilitation services in line with regulatory standards
Competency 2.4 Advocate for rehabilitation services as a means of achieving optimal outcomes, including return to work
Domain 3. Rehabilitation management of disability and other health conditions Competency 3.1 Clinical assessment—evaluates patients’ health status and related circumstances to develop a working diagnosis
Competency 3.2 Formulate a clinical plan of management
Competency 3.3 Monitor and evaluate progress of care and health outcomes
Competency 3.4 Participate in implementing the rehabilitation plan within the unique cultural and environmental context