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Table 3 Pairwise correlations between KID domains

From: Potential treatment effect modifiers for manipulative therapy for children complaining of spinal pain.Secondary analyses of a randomised controlled trial

  KID Phys KID Psych KID Auto KID Social KID School
KID Phys 1.0000     
KID Psych 0.5125 1.0000    
KID Auto 0.3861 0.5351 1.0000   
KID Social 0.2273 0.4856 0.919 1.0000  
KID School 0.3809 0.5834 0.5214 0.4395 1.0000
  1. KID: quality of life questionnaire categorised into five domains (Physical wellbeing (Phys), Psychological wellbeing (Psycho), Autonomy and relation (Auto), Social support and peers (Social), and School)