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Table 4 Frequencies for influence of external factors on joining chiropractic associations

From: Chiropractic students’ perceptions of barriers and facilitators to joining a professional association”

Please indicate below how likely it would be for the following issues to influence your decision to join a chiropractic professional association. E.g., Chiropractic Australia (CA) or the Australian Chiropractic Association (ACA).Highly Likely/Likely
Development of the Profession
 Organisation that promotes public awareness of chiropractic87.3
 Overall professionalism of the association86.7
 Promotes research82.7
 Workplace support and advice such as locum or associate contracts76.2
 Access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities82.0
 Lobbying government and Medicare for more inclusion of chiropractic88.1
Intra-Professional Communication
 Influence of other chiropractors and students I know62.0
 Professional association newsletter51.3
 Social media presence40.2
Perceived Reputation
 The professional associations have poor public reputations42.7
 Professional associations don’t represent my own personal chiropractic values35.1
Practice Development
 Professional associations keep me up to date with best practice82.2
 Professional associations keep me up to date with new information about my profession86.1
 Professional associations offer me a way to improve my standards of practice87.0