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Table 5 Frequencies for Influence of Internal Factors on Joining Chiropractic Associations

From: Chiropractic students’ perceptions of barriers and facilitators to joining a professional association”

How likely would it be for the following personal views to influence your decision to join a professional associationHighly Likely/Likely
Personal Values
 I don’t believe it’s important to belong to a professional association16.8
 I don’t agree with either of the professional association positions and policies21.3
 I can get everything the associations offer without belonging to one19.6
 I’ve never seen the value of belonging to a professional association15.8
 Belonging to a professional association supports the professions development52.5
 I would join if I knew the educators, I respect were professional association members71.8
 Professional associations allow me a way to keep me involved in chiropractic74.3