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Table 6 Frequencies for influence of initiatives on joining chiropractic associations

From: Chiropractic students’ perceptions of barriers and facilitators to joining a professional association”

How likely are the following initiatives to influence you to become a member of a professional association?Highly Likely/Likely
A yearly email invitation to join45.3
Alternative payment methods, such as being able to direct debit once a month55.9
Congratulatory email on graduation54.7
Annual competitions relevant to chiropractic50.7
Research grants82.2
Fees for recent grads are either reduced or waived85.2
Website regularly conveys relevant information71.5
Website videos of what they have achieved58.1
Member benefits89.6
Offer post graduate programs such as paediatric care, women’s health & aged care84.0
A personal printed invitation to join a professional association through the student teaching clinic56.0
The more support given by the professional association the more likely I am to join81.5
Free “stuff”67.7
A clearly described path for the future79.8