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Table 1 Characteristics of subjects included in the final analysis

From: The effect of a single spinal manipulation on cardiovascular autonomic activity and the relationship to pressure pain threshold: a randomized, cross-over, sham-controlled trial

 Number of subjects in the final analysisSex (Male / Female)Age Mean (SD)Body mass index Mean (SD)Sequence Session 1 – Session 2 (Number of subjects)
HRV4119/2219.9 (3.5)21.6 (2.9)SM – Sham (19)
Sham – SM (22)
Blood pressure3018/1220.2 (3.9)21.8 (2.6)SM – Sham (14)
Sham – SM (16)
  1. Abbreviations:
  2. HRV heart rate variability; SM spinal manipulation (HVLA technique)