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Table 1 Societal and Health Care Professional (HCP) Expectations Under the Social (Fiduciary) Contract Adapted from Cruess and Cruess, 2008 [173])

From: Vitalism in contemporary chiropractic: a help or a hinderance?

Societal expectations: The HCP will provide altruistic service to and support for their clients and society.
The HCP will act with honesty and integrity with a moral commitment to the ethic of medical service.
The HCP will provide competent, caring, compassionate high-quality service.
The HCP will respect patient client dignity, autonomy and confidentiality.
The HCP will comply with regulatory provisions.
The HCP will have input into and support for health policy & public health initiatives.
HCPs will cooperate and collaborate in client care.
Health care Professional (HCP) expectations: The profession has sufficient professional autonomy to self-regulate.
The profession has monopoly over its domain through licensing laws.
The profession receives societal status in the form of respect, societal trust, and cultural authority.